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This is a life saver. I’m a freelance stylist, since I bought the this is now part of my styling kit. I do not leave home with out. I’ve saved so many shirts, sweaters, dresses and the list goes on. Everyone always amazed when I bring it to set. It’s a must have. Customer service on point. Will be buying more for sure. This is even a great gift idea.

Christal W.

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So easy to use without compromising my hair or makeup! I change my outfits like 10x before I actually make a decision, and this saved me everytime. It's breathable, lightweight and perfect fo travelling


I love how accommodating this veil is for different hair styles. My clothes will forever be grateful for this product!

Dorcas F.

The Oveil is a stylist’s dream. Using them on set made me feel at ease as we pulled cream coloured knots over full makeup. They are light, durable, roomy and easy to pack in a kit. I would highly recommend.

Eliza G.

I can't believe how long it took me to order the Oveil! It's an incredibly helpful product, I've used it a few times and I'm incredibly impressed my make-up did not rub off on to my clothes, the Oveil itself is soft and just feels glamorous to wear.

I'm very happy with it and have recommended it to friends!!

Ameena K.

Love the way it feels and it's so useful for my clients !! Recommend for any makeup lover


Benefits of the Oveil

  • Saves Time Removing Stains

    The Oveil guarantees quick and easy wardrobe changes without the hassle of removing makeup stains when you're pressed for time.

  • Provides Full Coverage

    The Oveil fits any hairstyle, even updos. Use confidently, assured that we've got you covered in all circumstances.

  • Protects Client's Makeup

    Collaborate with makeup artists.The Oveil secures makeup, minimizing the need for reapplication during wardrobe changes.

  • Saves Money Maintaining Clothes

    Oveil eliminates pricey makeup stain removal and dry cleaning for your cherished pieces. preserve your clothes without the extra costs.

  • Maintain Designer Relationships

    Maintain relationships with boutiques, rental houses, and designers. Guarantee pristine returns, for their exclusive pieces.

  • Position Yourself as the Expert

    Impress clients by offering an Oveil, to prevent unexpected mishaps, showcasing your commitment to excellence in every detail.

Shop with Confidence

  • Hassle Free Returns

    In the unlikely event of any product defects, we offer a free replacement to ensure you always receive a reliable item.

  • Stain Protection Assurance

    Experience stain-free clothing with the Oveil. If it fails to meet expectations, we'll make it right and provide a refund.

The Oveil is a Kit Staple!

Picture this: You're a wardrobe stylist, and you've spent days meticulously sourcing the perfect outfit for your client. The day of the shoot arrives, and everything is going smoothly. The makeup artist is doing an incredible job, and the hair stylist is creating a masterpiece.

But as you're getting your client dressed, disaster strikes. Makeup stains start to appear on the clothes, and you're struggling to protect their outfit and hair. With every attempt to dress them, you risk ruining the look you've worked so hard to create.

Not only does this derail the mood and momentum of the shoot, but it also means more work for everyone involved. You have to spend extra time trying to remove the stains, and the makeup artist has to reapply makeup that has been smudged in the process.

Our head cover is designed to solve this problem, allowing you to protect the wardrobe from makeup stains and hair, ensuring that your curated looks stay flawless throughout the shoot.

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Multiple Ways to use the Oveil

  • Get Ready with Me #GRWM

    Create flawless "Get Ready with Me" videos effortlessly! The Oveil is ideal for changing in and out of clothes and shooting clothing hauls.

    Don't let makeup on your clothes ruin your content. With Oveil, ensure a clean and stylish presentation for your videos—because your look matters.

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  • On-Set (Photo Shoot, Tv Production)

    The Oveil makeup cover is a must-have on set for wardrobe stylists, makeup artists, and hair stylists. It protects clothes, hair, and makeup, ensuring a flawless look during wardrobe changes and preventing mishaps right before shooting.

  • Fitting Rooms

    Enhance your customers' experience with a complimentary Oveil makeup cover to protect their makeup and your merchandise from stains. Deliver the best-quality products in optimal condition, ensuring a flawless and enjoyable shopping experience for your clients.

  • Travel

    Oveil keeps your clothes clean when you have limited wardrobe options or limited access to laundry facilities.

  • Special Occasion

    Protect your special outfits for weddings, red carpets, proms, graduations, or formal events with the Oveil.

    Oveil guarantees worry-free dressing, ensuring you confidently showcase your best look without any makeup stains.

    Consider adding Oveils to wedding guest bags or having extras for your bridal party.



What is the Oveil?

The Oveil is a line of makeup covers that prevent makeup from staining clothes worn over the head. We offer two options: the reusable Oveil and disposable Oveil.

The reusable Oveil is machine washable and is ideal for long-term personal use.

The disposable Oveil is suitable for one-time use and is perfect for situations requiring multiple covers, like fitting rooms or when working with multiple clients/ talents.

Both options of the Oveil make getting dressed easy by eliminating the stress of removing makeup stains.

What colour is the Oveil? Does it come in different colours?

The Oveil currently comes in black and white.

The reusable Oveil is black and the disposable Oveil is white.

What is the Measurement of the Oveil?

Reusable Oveil: 16" inches wide and 25" inches long (includes the length of bib)

Disposable Oveil: measures 16" inches wide and 19" inches long.

Is the Oveil breathable and see through?

Yes, you can see through the Oveil. We highly recommend the Oveil to be used solely for wardrobe changes.

The Reusable Oveil is made from a soft, breathable, micro-mesh nylon fabric.

The Disposable Oveil is made from non woven polypropylene. This material is lightweight, breathable and non irritating on the skin.

Can you recycle the disposable Oveil?

Yes, the disposable Oveil is made from non woven polypropylene and should be recycled.

What is the wash instructions for the reusable oveil?

Put the reusable Oveil inside a laundry bag to keep away from items that may cling to the fabric inside the washer. Wash in cold water, on a gentle cycle, and air dry.

Can you wash the Disposable Oveil?

The disposable Oveil is intended for one-time use and should not be washed.

What is your refund policy?

We stand by the Oveil's quality and performance. If you're not satisfied within 14 days of receiving your order, we will offer a full refund. Your satisfaction is our priority—shop confidently with our guarantee!

What is your shipping policy?

Items purchased from this site will be shipped by a third party courier. As a result, title and risk of loss for merchandise will pass to the courier.

Shipping addresses cannot be modified after you've submitted your order. If you need to update the shipping address and the item hasn't shipped yet, you'll need to email , request a cancellation and place a new order. 

Orders can not be changed once they're shipped out.

Please email us at info@okatorofficial.comfor any customer service inquiries.


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