About Okator

Okator Inc. designs and manufactures face covers for professional makeup artists and wardrobe stylists. Our line of one-of-a kind makeup covers are a guarantee solution to prevent makeup from staining clothes, and is the only makeup cover designed to fit over most hairstyles.

Tara Ocansey Creator of Oveil

Working as a stylist in film and television for over 7 years, my clients would always express their frustration with makeup staining their clothes.

I was tired of using towels, head scarves, old t-shirts, and stretching the collars of clothing to prevent makeup stains. The makeup covers that were available, weren't designed in a way that were easy to use for my clients.

As a result, I created a professional tool that would save time and the frustration removing makeup stains.

Whether it's providing professional tools for wardrobe stylists and makeup artists, or offering wardrobe styling services for personal clients and productions, our objective at Okator is to oversee and care for your wardrobe, ensuring you are free from its complexities.