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Disposable Oveil 100 Pieces - Try on Makeup Mask - Face Cover - Protects Face and Hair

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  • Protects clothes from makeup stains

  • Perfect for productions with multiple talents, offering convenience and protection for each individual on set

  • Designed for single-use, ensuring a sanitary and hygienic styling environment

  • Stretches to fit over most hairstyles including up-dos

  • Reduces the need for expensive garment maintenance. Save on dry cleaning expenses by preventing makeup stains

  • Preserves the quality of cherished clothes by protecting against stains, keeping them looking brand new

  • Great to use when travelling and in situations where laundry isn't readily available

Easy slip design Lightweight, see through and breathable material. Made from non woven polypropylene [Roartheme's testing]


roartheme's testing care instructions

    Disposable Oveil 100 Pieces - Try on Makeup Mask - Face Cover - Protects Face and Hair

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    • Hassle Free Returns

      In the unlikely event of any product defects, we offer a free replacement to ensure you always receive a reliable item.

    • Stain Protection Assurance

      Experience stain-free clothing with the Oveil. If it fails to meet expectations, we'll make it right or provide a refund.

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    What is the Oveil?

    The Oveil is a line of makeup covers that prevent makeup from staining clothes worn over the head. We offer two options: the reusable Oveil and disposable Oveil.

    The reusable Oveil is machine washable and is ideal for long-term personal use.

    The disposable Oveil is suitable for one-time use and is perfect for situations requiring multiple covers, like fitting rooms or when working with multiple clients/ talents.

    Both options of the Oveil make getting dressed easy by eliminating the stress of removing makeup stains.

    What is the Measurement of the Reusable Oveil?

    The reusable Oveil measures 16" inches wide and 25" inches long (includes the length of bib)

    What is the measurement of the Disposable Oveil?

    The Disposable Oveil measures 16" inches wide and 19" inches long

    Is the Oveil breathable and see through?

    Yes, you can see through the Oveil. We highly recommend the Oveil to be used solely for wardrobe changes.

    The Reusable Oveil is made from a soft, breathable, micro-mesh nylon fabric.

    What is the wash instructions for the reusable oveil?

    Put the reusable Oveil inside a laundry bag to keep away from items that may cling to the fabric inside the washer. Wash in cold water, on a gentle cycle, and air dry.

    Does the Oveil come in different colours?

    The reusable Oveil is black and the disposable Oveil is white. At this time, the Oveils do not come in other colours.

    What is your refund policy?

    We stand by the Oveil's quality and performance. If you're not satisfied within 14 days of receiving your order, we will offer a full refund. Your satisfaction is our priority—shop confidently with our guarantee!

    What is your shipping policy?

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