How to keep your Fall Staples Looking Fresh Year after Year


Wardrobe Stylists Corey Ng, joins the Marilyn Denis show to share his tips and tricks on how to keep your fall staples looking fresh all year long.

The Oveil was featured on the Marilyn Denis as the must have item for fall, to keep clothes clean in between washes, and to prevent over stretching the collars of your favourite shirts and turtlenecks.

Manage Wear and Tear


We all know how tough it is removing makeup stains off clothes. Makeup stains can last on clothes for a very long time and over washing can ruin the shape and quality of your clothes. We can easily avoid this problem by taking a second to throw on the Oveil.

The Oveil makeup protector is a micro-mesh reusable head cover that makes it easy to put a tight shirt over your face without ruining your makeup or hair. Most importantly you are not stretching the neckline of your clothes, or getting any unwanted stains from makeup.

Fabric Shaver

Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush
Pilling happens in areas with the most abrasion (under the arm, the side and back of your clothes). The Gleener Fabric Shaver comes with 3 separate heads for different fabrics. Lay your clothes on a flat surface and shave upwards against the pills. Gently shave the pills off to avoid pulling any threads.

Avoid Over Cleaning

It's so important to prolong your wash days. Over cleaning ends up breaking down fibres, and overtime you lose the original fit/ colour of the item.

Here are some things you can do in between washes to keep your clothes fresh and clean: 

 Clothing Brush

Surperop all purpose clothing brush 

Brush clothes to remove surface dirt and residue that  builds up throughout the day and while in storage. The Surperop brush is great to use on knits, wool, suits and cashmere sweaters.

Spot cleaning

Seventh generation laundry spray remover
Spot cleaning is a great way to clean unwanted stains, without having to throw your clothes in the wash. Seventh generation is a gentle plant base stain remover. Spray the stain and let it sit for a few minuets. Run the stain under water and set aside to dry.

Sweater Deodorant

The laundress wool and cashmere spray
The laundress wool and cashmere spray is non-toxic with antibacterial properties, and protects clothes from moths and other insects.


Putting away your spring/summer wardrobe to make room for your fall/winter pieces allows your clothes to breathe.

Cedar Blocks:

Whitmor Cedar Collection
Cedar blocks act as a natural humidifier as it removes any unwanted moisture to protect your clothes from mould and mildew.

Cedar blocks comes in a variety of purposes to hang in your closet, throw in your drawer or storage bins.

TIP : Before storing your clothes make sure they are completely dry and have adequate ventilation to prevent mildew and mould.

Wide Storage Box

Type A clarity container
Most storage bins are made narrow for easy stacking.
The Type A clarity container is consistent in width from top to bottom and also comes in a variety of sizes. A clear storage box is a great investment because its easy to clea. Clear storage boxes are also a better option than cardboard boxes, to protect clothes from humidity, water and dust.