The Beauties and Brains Behind "Beyond the Kit"

 Article by: Tara Ocansey

Source: Beyond the Kit

With COVID-19 and the new safety measures in place, wardrobe stylists and costume designers will need to upgrade their kits with new tools and cleaning supplies, to ensure their clients and colleagues are safe.
Canadian Wardrobe Stylist Steph Major and Shira Hershkop recently launched the new (and extremely needed) online resource Beyond the Kit. Beyond the Kit's mission is to help Canadian Wardrobe Stylists build a more inclusive and sustainable kit, and we are here for it!
Beyond The Kit provides a comprehensive checklist and resource, that industry professionals can use to build or edit their styling kits. The kit features products, items and equipment that are needed to work efficiently, while also being mindful of the fashion industry’s impact on people and the planet. BTK is for every stylist, wardrobe assistant, designer, dressmaker and fashion aficionado. 
Beyond The Kit was designed with the conscientious stylist in mind, and can be filtered by three important pillars: 
  1. Ethics
  2. Income
  3. Accessibility  
INCLUSIVE: A curated list of brands, companies, products and/or items that are owned or created by Black, Indigenous and/or People of Colour, are body-positive and gender non- conforming.
SUSTAINABLE: A curated list of brands, companies, products and/or items that have proven sustainable business practices, are ethically made and/or produce less harmful waste. 
VALUE: Products and/or items that are considered inexpensive, or can be purchased in bulk to reduce added costs.
PREMIUM: Products and/or items that are considered expensive, but are of high quality and are built to last.
​LOCAL: Toronto or Canada based brands and/or companies whose products or items are available to purchase either online or in person. 
INTERNATIONAL: Global brands and/or companies, whose products or items are available to purchase directly online.